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World’s Most Innovative ‘Family Safety & Security’ App – Travice

Following a much anticipated wait, the world’s first family safety and security device locator app ‘TRAVICE’ is ready to launch on the Kickstarter platform this September.

‘Travice’ is quite simply the world’s first all-in-one mobile security and family locator app for smart devices. Providing a range of familiar security features found on other available apps in the niche, ‘Travice’ takes security to the next level by providing a number of additional innovative and exclusive features, designed to address the flaws in other similar apps.

World's Most Innovative 'Family Safety & Security' App Set To Launch Kickstarter Campaign This Month
World’s Most Innovative ‘Family Safety & Security’ App Set To Launch Kickstarter Campaign This Month

Set to lead the mobile app security industry, TRAVICE is a never-before-seen example of security innovation, delivering a range of safety and security features which are fully tamper proof – offering an unrivaled level of protection not previously available for Android devices!

Now ready for a global launch, the company behind TRAVICE has chosen Kickstarter as the platform of choice to get the app in front of the the world’s smart device users. TRAVICE co-founder, Aleem Butt commented:

“After months of planning, development and refinement, we’re excited to now be ready to bring TRAVICE to a worldwide audience. We’ve chosen to partner with the Kickstarter platform to help spread the word and demonstrate to as many smart phone users as possible, the unrivalled level of protection the TRAVICE app offers.”

So what’s all the excitement about? Amongst others here are some of the advanced features the TRAVICE app has to offer:

  • The ability to prevent a lost or stolen Android device from being switched off (which leaves other tracking apps useless). This feature also disables the top bar drag-down option to prevent the device being placed in flight mode.
    An automatically activated stolen device audio alarm, that can’t be disabled by the thief.
  • Travice also prevents the device from being placed on silent, remotely activating both front and rear cameras for both images and video clips of the thief.
  • Geo-fencing feature to alert you when people enter or leave a designated area (such as the kids returning home from school, or your partner arriving safely at the office early in the morning)
  • A help alert, which automatically notifies 6 of your contacts of your location and need for assistance.
  • Turn-by-turn live tracking of where your device is at any point of the day or night.

Aleem continued: “In the UK around 2000 mobiles are reported stolen daily – virtually none of these are ever recovered. However, there’s also an even more important side to TRAVICE that shouldn’t be overlooked. We’re not only committed to protecting your device, but also the people who mean the most to you – your family! Here in the UK a person is reported missing to the police every two minutes. During the development phase we realised that there’s so much more we could be doing to improve the safety of our families and our property, so the idea behind ‘TRAVICE’ was born.”

“We’ve quite simply identified the problems around personal and device security, then developed a solution that offers an all-in-one solution, that’s not only powerful and effective, but offers users a real level of protection.”

The TRAVICE app is the world’s first fully robust all-in-one security and safety app for Android. The Kickstarter campaign launch is set for the 20th September 2017 and the official TRAVICE app trailer can be seen below.

For further information please visit the official TRAVICE site at

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