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Why Everyone Needs a BRITA Flow Water Filter Tank

We’ve been testing out the BRITA Flow water filter tank for the past month in order to really put it through its paces. This is a stylish, large capacity design (5.2 L filtered and 8.2 L total capacity). It’s also dishwasher safe (except the lid). It has a super convenient dispense tap and a sliding lid for easy refilling.

We love the electronic memo reminder that notifies you when to replace the filter cartridge.

It takes a MAXTRA+ filter cartridge and these are said to last around a month. Now, I personally drink an absolute ton of water and we as a family have been testing this out for the past month and the cartridge is still only halfway used. So, I’m really happy with that. I think one of the things that holds people back when investing in a water filter is that they’re concerned that the cartridges will be super expensive and they’ll be having to change them every week, which of course adds up. Rest assured that this one is very economical. We as a household go through at least this entire tank of filtered water a day, sometimes more.

Micro carbon pearls reduce chlorine and organic impurities which affect taste and odour of food and drink.

The Ion exchange pearls reduce limescale and metals protecting kettles and enhancing flavour and aroma of tea and coffee. Now, this is incredible. I’m ashamed to say it, but when we were previously using a water filter jug I’d never considered using filtered water in the kettle before. But, now that we have more filtered water than we know what to do with, I tried it. And let me tell you, I’m never going back. Tea tastes so much better with this thing, it’s incredible.

Admittedly, despite having many people in my life tell me it’s impossible, I’m one of those people that can taste the difference between tap water, filtered water and mineral water. Probably because I drink so much of it. If you only drank diet coke all day, everyday and replaced it with an economy version, I bet you’d be able to taste the difference.

After a couple of days of using this, I instinctively went to the ordinary kitchen tap to fill my glass and I noticed for the first time that the tap water had a definite chloriney, chemically scent to it. Which I simply had not noticed before we started testing out this filter, probably because I’d just become accustomed to living in a hard water area.

So, for sure, we as a family will be happily sticking with the BRITA tank for the foreseeable.

The product dimensions are 21.7 x 30.7 x 22.4 cm, it might be a squeeze but I think you should be able to fit it on a shelf in most refrigerators. If not however, it wouldn’t look out of place on a kitchen counter and I know that a few of our friends do store them this way too.

You can buy the BRITA Flow water filter tank here.

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    Tracy Nixon
    September 26, 2019 at 10:10 am

    Looks and sounds like a great buy!

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    Margaret Gallagher
    September 26, 2019 at 10:27 am

    They are class – certainly taste the difference

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