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PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game

We’ve had a lot of fun today testing out the PikyKwiky LinkIt card game – part of theme. A game that sounds simpler and easier than it actually is. The rules are easy to understand and there are a few versions of the game to play, depending on how many people are playing and their ages. It is one of those games that anyone in the family can win, no matter their age. The cards come in a little tin which is small enough to pop in your bag for playing anywhere. Ideal to take on a long haul flight or a long car journey.

Review: PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game - Part Of Theme
Review: PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game – Part Of Theme

It’s a great little brain trainer and you need to be fast to spot the links on the cards in order to win. The boy has become quite competitive with this now, which is awesome. The game might take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the variation played. Great for rainy days and holidays. The LinkIt card game is addictive and will keep the family entertained for hours. All players play at the same time meaning the children won’t get bored whilst waiting for their turn.

There are 4 games to play in the pack but we found ourselves really enjoying game one, so that’s the one we stuck with. The premise is basically a case of getting rid of your cards the quickest, by spotting a connection between symbols on your card and the one which has been randomly chosen at the outset of the game to be in the centre. Sounds simple, but of course throw in a little pressure and just watch yourself miss something completely obvious.

You can get your hands on PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game here.

We love that you only need 2 players to play too. LinkIt! uses two decks of cards. Each card from the cyan deck has one symbol that can be linked to another symbol from any card in the yellow deck. For example, the ‘steering wheel’ in the first card is linked to (part of) the ‘car’ in the second card. Easy isn’t it? Good, that’s it. Now you are ready to play LinkIt!

Review: PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game - Part Of Theme
Review: PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game – Part Of Theme

Consequently, the idea of this game is for children to be able to think of links between certain concepts. This helps with both concept and vocabulary development. In a few weeks, another three themes will be available on the market: MadeOf, CapitalOf and Professions. I look forward to adding the new edition sets to add to our own collection!

How to play LinkIt

In LinkIt, players compete to find the link between the cards in front of them. The game is based on the speed at which a player can spot the links between the cards. Consequently, there is no need for any prior knowledge or game strategy which means adults have no advantage over the children making it a great family game for all to enjoy. Don’t be fooled though, it is a challenge to master and will keep the whole family coming back for more.

LinkIt in numbers

62 Symbols
72 Circular Cards
4 Mini Games
2 Decks
1 Travel Box

You can buy PikyKwiky LinkIt Card Game here.

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