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Hatchimals Surprise Toy

Starting on Oct. 6, a new set of Hatchimals Surprise toys will be available in stores across the country and online. Each new Hatchimals Surprise egg will contain double the fun: a set of fraternal or identical twins!

Hatchimals Surprise is the second generation of the self-hatching eggs—and there’s every sign the demand will be just as crazy as it was for the originals.

Want to Win a Hatchimals Surprise Toy?
Want to Win a Hatchimals Surprise Toy?

Children will need to nurture the Hatchimals Surprise eggs to help them hatch and then continue to play with the creatures in order for them to progress from baby to toddler to kid.

In each Hatchimals box is a large coloured egg that interacts as children tap, stroke and pet it. Inside the egg is a fluffy animatronic pet that can be played with, fed and looked after through different stages of development.

However, the big novelty is how the pet pecks its way out of the egg. This hatching is triggered after half an hour of playing with the egg. With lights and sounds the creature announces his arrival and slowly pecks his way out from the inside. With egg-opening a popular video topic on YouTube it’s no wonder that the Hatchimals were so popular with young children.

That’s not all! Hatchimals is also unveiling two new species as part of this launch— Giraven (a combination of a giraffe and a raven) and Peacat (a combination of a peacock and a cat).

Some parents are still recovering from the stress of trying to find a Hatchimal for their child from last Christmas. It’s about to get worse.

The toy will give kids two creatures from the same egg, which might not seem terribly exciting to adults, but is apparently a huge deal for the under 12 set. The manufacturer has also introduced two new species of Hatchimals: Peacats and Giravens.

Hatchimals Surprise are already available for preorder—and if last year is any indication, that might be your best chance of getting one, short of camping outside of stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

One of the new Hatchimals will repeat phrases your child says to it, while the other will dance and play games. Position the two so they’re facing each other and they’ll play games, have dance parties and giggle, among other things.

They take the Furby, Tamagotchi craze to the next level. Since then there have been a pocket-money range of collectible Hatchimals and a sparkly version of the big hatching toys.

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