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Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift

I absolutely adore this Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift, I couldn’t be happier with it. Trust me, this is the most effective, non-invasive way to lift and firm your face. I have combination skin and have seen a huge difference in just under a week. The cleansing function helps gently exfoliate and leaves my skin incredibly clean. I used to think using a decent cleanser alone was adequate, but the difference is amazing. I use the massage function when I put on serum in the morning and before bed. The make-up brush head also does a great job at applying foundation without absorbing the product.

Just after one use I noticed a big difference in my jawline. It appeared smoother and firmer. It is easy to use. I just cleanse my face and apply my evening beauty products, and then use the machine. I have used the Opal (now discontinued) and that worked well on smoothing lines. This is a more updated version. I also had the Clarisonic Mia 2, but I decided to invest in my skin and purchase this and I’m very glad I did.

After just a few uses I noticed my skin looked and felt amazing! My makeup goes on more beautifully. I find it is better at cleansing my skin than the Mia, yet somehow more gentle at the same time. I really thought the firming head was a gimmick (I’m always a skeptic) but I do see a difference in my neck and jawline. Also, I am convinced the firming head helps massage products into your skin! I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed in this device. I am so pleased with it and in the long term I feel it will save me money on facials and skin treatments.

Smart Profile Uplift targets face, neck, and décolleté.

  • Provides massage.
  • Delivers sonic cleansing.
  • Minimises the look of pores.
  • Helps improve the absorption of your daily skincare products when using Clarisonic in addition to usual skincare regimen.
  • See visible results.

If you want your serums, or any product to work better, use a clarisonic. The pores on my face are becoming smaller. I have had some acne since I was a teen. This was the only thing that worked to get rid of both blackheads and big, red, painful spots. I did not change my facial cleanser, this just removes everything and prevents spots before they start. If you have a teen with acne, try this! I was told throughout the week from friends and family how amazing my skin looked. It looked less dull and more perky. I use the new brush head with my luna oil from Sunday Riley. I would 100% recommend this to everyone.

Worth the investment, I had a professional facial the week after I bought this Clarisonic, hands down way better than a professional facial.

The only less than great parts are the price and initial 24 hr charging time. for those who want to have the most access to clarisonic’s technology, this is the set to get. Here is why: the smart profile supports all brush heads from clarisonic. So it does not matter if you want to focus on your face, or body, this one device can handle it all. It’s expensive, but great value!

The 3 touch point on the uplift head fits perfectly on my face and enables you to actually do a lifting motion whilst also holding it properly. Besides the smart and turbo settings, this clarisonic has four cleansing levels. I use the most gentle one for my sensitive skin and it works awesome. I love the body brush for cellulite and the serum massager!

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    Margaret Gallagher
    February 11, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Would love one of these – amazing results for clear healthy skin

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    Margaret Gallagher
    March 11, 2019 at 1:36 am

    Wouldn’t mind one of these beauties

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